Whether you're an entrepreneur, a small business, or a Fortune 500 Company, great marketing is all about telling your story in a way that it compels people to buy what you are selling.


Social media allows your small business to tell your story in real-time and at all hours of the day. 

The power of social media is still underestimated today, and marketing agencies like Banter Better are trying to help you understand that power. Because of the platforms are "ON" 24/7.

Each platform performs different, because your audiences that you are marketing to are different. That's what makes in scary and fun at the same time! 

We are here to change that.

We help you decided what platforms to be on, so you can connect with your audience and the best time. 

When you do, you audience will grow and so will your sales. If it's done right. 


We also work with small business to help market themselves on Google through Google Adwords and PPC advertising. 

What probably 90% of marketers and marketing agencies in the world don't know or don't know how to--is to blend the PPC advertising with social media and retargeting those visitors. 

apple store is packed.


Picture an Apple Store As Your Website. 

1000 People walk in. 

But only 10% of those people buy and 900 people leave without buying anything. 

What if we dropped a cookie in those 900 peoples pockets and tracked where they went? 

Then at the right time, we showed them in a very organic way, a fun video of person using an Apple product.

Now, we have made them rethink about that visit to the Apple store. If we do these between 5-12 times, we know we are more likely to get that person to purchase!

Your marketing efforts don't have to stop when someone leave the store or a website. 

That's the power of blending PPC and Social media and it's a specialty of our at Banter Better. 

If you are interested in a FREE consultation we will show you how you can use PPC and social media to grow your exposure and sales in your industry and in your market. 

Step 1: Prepare an Audit

Banter Better will run an social marketing audit on your social media accounts and your website. When we do that we evaluate all the platforms and how they tie into your website. A lot of the audit is what you are doing that is working and what is not. As an expert in the field of social media. It is easy to tell where improvements can be made. 

Step 2: Craft an Agreement

Once we have presented you your audit, it is yours to keep. What we have found is even when we give the audit to you, you won't do anything with it.

That is because most of the time, it's a small business owner who is not an expert in social media. Which is OKAY!

That's where we come in. We are the executioners to save you, the small business owner, time and money.

With many small businesses popping up in Utah, we know they are looking for assistance.

If talks continue, we then present a social media and digital marketing strategy in which you can choose from that is custom fit to your business. 

Step 3: Strategy & Implementation

Once we have agreed to the amount of service and created a custom package for the you and your business.

We implement digital strategies we have learned over the years.

What is great about working with a smaller agency in Utah, is we are agile and willing to push the envelope to build your online presence to a credible status. 

We understand that and that's why it's already built into every strategy we outline.

Social media trends are changing rapidly. Larger agencies, a tried-and-true approach no longer work, the pace has changed and we are willing to alter our strategy and new digital marketing and social media tools become available. 

We will re-evaluate our strategy every month to make sure we are keeping up with trends and successfully building your brand, engaging with your customer and making you happy!

Small business still don’t believe in social media or even really understand it.
— Gary Vaynerchuk in Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (New York Bestseller)


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As a digital marketing agency in Utah, Banter Better's objective is to connect you with your customers, both old and new, through social media.

The strategies we implement boost customer engagement, brand awareness, customer value and more importantly, revenue!