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In Salt Lake City, it's amazing how many small business can use the help of a marketing agency.

The marketing agency doesn't need to be big, read our blog on pairing small businesses with small agencies.

At Banter Better, we love working with smaller businesses because we know we can make a huge impact very quickly. As you will see with some of our clients work posted on this page. 


True Gentleman

SEO Rankings


May 27- June 7


In a little more than two weeks we were able to increase the visibility of the website on Google by targeting specific competitor keywords on each page of their website. 

True Gentleman SEO results from Banter Better

True Gentleman SEO Rankings


June 7 - June 14

Through our constant SEO efforts we were able to add 2 more keywords in the top 10 of the Google search results in less than one week.

Hyten Global Viral Video (May 30 - June 3) Ad Spend $20

Hyten Global Viral Video (May 30 - June 3) Ad Spend $20

Banter Better has worked on growing social media, SEO and website visibility for its clients in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area. 

We have worked with clients that had existing social media platforms, where our objective was to simplify their message and create a consistent look. 

Our agency has also worked with clients from the ground up. To build a consistent message and gain traction in the market place. 

We have also created viral videos that have reached over 100,000 people in just a few days with over 59,000 views! 

At Banter Better, we love the clients we work with and it's exciting to show them their growth each day, week and month. 

As a digital marketing agency in Salt Lake City, we like to diversify our portfolio.

Which is why we have worked with companies in a variety of industries.

  • True Gentleman, Custom Bespoke Suits
  • Lucy Corwin, Artist
  • Hyten Global l lifestyle company (travel and health care)
  • Notation Matrix an EMR software